Saturday, 2 January 2010

Rest in Peace, Downfallen

I was saddened just before Christmas to learn of the premature death of a young man called Darren, but known to the world as Downfallen. He was a fellow enthusiast of, among other things, skyscrapers, and took the best photos of and from tall buildings in London.

His night-time photos taken from the rooftops of the tallest buildings now under construction were amazing, and I was one of a number of people who urged him to publish a book, but he refused to do so; he took them as it was his passion, not for any gain. A small selection can be seen here.

The photo below was taken by Downfallen on a visit to the construction of the Broadgate Tower in the City of London early in 2008, and shows me looking out over the City. May he rest in peace.

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